Digital Securities Backed by Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Platform offering digital securities which provide an easy and borderless entry for smaller investors into international property market valued at over $200 trillion

Enter real estate industry
with almost any budget

Escape crypto volatility
with stable asset

Earn rental income
and additional benifits

Exit easily
any time

What is Thaler.One

What is Thaler.One

Thaler.One combines a Fund regulated under the laws of the European Union with a Marketplace for listing of individual real estate assets, all SEC compliant.

Thaler.One digital securities provide investors with a stable income that results both from real estate rental and from operating income of online platform, that allows to build individualized real estate portfolios.

Problems and Solutions

High entry ticket into the real
estate market

Thaler.One allows individuals with small budgets to enter the real estate market

Lack of global access for
individual investors

We provide opportunities to invest in real estate assets worldwide for individual investors

High volatility of cryptocurrencies

Investors receive digital securities backed by real estate assets that generate recurring income and grow in value

How it works


Qualified investors


Thaler.One Fund

Real Estate

Property digital securization
Origination fees

Thaler Block Units


Property Owners

Thaler Block Units return 5-15%*

Retail investors


Thaler.One Fund units combined return at least 20%* per annum
* Based on Thaler.One internal cash flow analysis
  • Qualified investors purchase Thaler.One Fund digital units and effectively become unitholders of the Fund. Digital units are sold in rounds reflective investors demand.
  • Thaler.One uses proceeds from sales of Fund units to acquire real estate assets.
  • Individual real estate assets in the Fund are securitized, get listed on the Marketplace and digital asset-backed units sold to qualified retail investors with mark-ups. Investors receive rental income pro-rata their % of asset ownership.
  • Digital asset-backed units are traded on an internal exchange, people can buy and sell them easily at any time.
  • Real estate owners who want to sell or raise capital contribute their assets to Thaler.One Marketplace and Thaler.One Fund unit holders receive origination fees for successful transactions.
  • Unit holders of Thaler.One Fund receive regular distribution of income, which comes from real estate in the Fund, profits from securitization of individual assets and origination fees charged to real estate owners.
  • Scalable business with Unlimited Size of Assets under management potential!

Thaler.One Economics

More than 90% of proceeds from Thaler.One fundraising rounds will be allocated for acquiring real estate properties

Thaler.One Sources of revenue:

  • Income from Real Estate Fund

  • Profits from resale of fractional ownership of assets

  • Origination fees for securitization of third-party assets

Stable recurring income from Real Estate and proceeds with a multiplier effect from services offered via the marketplace

The returns on Thaler.One Fund units will not be limited to profits from real estate, but would also come from services provided for listing and trading of assets through the Thaler.One marketplace

Thaler.One Sources of revenue:

  • Income from Real Estate Fund

  • Profits from resale of fractional ownershios of assets

  • Orgranisation fees for tokenization of third-party assets

Stable recurring income from Real Estate and proceeds with a multiplier effect from services offered via the marketplace

The returns on Thaler.One Fund units will not be limited to profits from real estate, but would also come from services provided for listing and trading of assets through the Thaler.One marketplace


Benefits for investors

  • Experts selected deal pipeline (over 20 properties) with strong returns of up to 10%* per annum and combined return from platform operation of at least 20%* per annum
  • Access to US$8.5 trillion professionally managed real estate market
  • Lower entry ticket. Max: unlimited
  • Liquidity and low transaction costs

Benefits for real estate landlords

  • Access to new investors worldwide (focus Asia) through cutting-edge digital marketing techniques (currently whitelist of above 1 million)
  • High speed of asset sale at maximum market prices with 24/7 operation
* Based on Thaler.One internal cash flow analysis

Real estate investment strategies

Thaler.One will allocate funds raised into 4 main property investment strategies all aimed at achieving superior returns with well-balanced risks

Rental Property

Purchase of highest quality real estate in central locations in big cities that generate rental income for a very long time. Usual returns are 3-6% per year

Value-add properties

Properties where certain improvements can be made (i.e. repairs, re-renting, decreasing interest on loans, and etc.). Expected returns will average 7-8% per annum

Real Estate Debt

Debt-related instruments with focus on mezzanine loans. Expected returns will average 9-10% per annum

Development Properties

Participation in development or redevelopment projects. Returns are expected at the level of at least 10-12% per annum

Geography focus: European Union and the UK
In the future, we will consider investments in the U.S. properties

Use Cases

Investor enters Thaler.One Fund effectively becoming a Fund units holder. Min entry - $100 000

Thaler.One uses funds from investors to split into 4 real estate strategies

Thaler.One Platform generates income combined from real estate income + fees from reselling with mark-ups

Combined return from platform operation is at least 20%* per annum

Each quarter Dividends are regularly distributed to fund unit holders

* Based on Thaler.One internal cash flow analysis

Fundraising strategy

Thaler.One fundraising is carried in several rounds:

Private Round

Sale of equity in the platform to strategic investors*

hard cap $100 000 000

1'st round - fundraising for building the investment pool, 90% of which will be used for real estate property purchase

Fund goal in 3 years$1 000 000 000

2'nd and further rounds - will be launched sequentially as the project develops and more investors demand entering Thaler.One Fund

* Bonus during private round: equivalent amount of units in Thaler.One real estate Fund

Thaler.One platform participation OPTIONS

Thaler.One Fund units (TLR)

  • Basic option where an investor gets Thaler.One Fund units and becomes eligible for dividents distribution accounted from all the operations of Thaler.One
  • Thaler.One Fund unit is a digital security representing a share of the platform
  • Thaler.One Fund unitholders get combined returns from platform operation projected to be at least 20%* per annum
  • Dividends can be reinvested following the decision of majority of Thaler.One unit holders

Thaler.One Real Estate units (TLRB)

  • Available when a property gets listed on Thaler.One Marketplace
  • An investor chooses a specific real estate property and buys shares in that property in the form of special Real Estate Units - Thaler Blocks
  • A property generates stable recurring income and the investor gets his dividends proportionally to his shares
  • Expected income from commercial real estate properties ranges 5-10%* per annum
* Based on Thaler.One internal cash flow analysis

Market Overview

  • Largest asset class in the world – $220 trillion in size
  • $700 billion in transactions each year
  • Similar levels of return with stocks and gold but with much lesser volatility
  • Stable long-term
  • Recurring income (from rental payments)
  • Little or no exposure to corporate governance issues & management failures
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • -50%
  • 0%
  • 50%
  • 100%
  • 150%
  • 200%
  • 250%
  • 300%
  • Real Estate
  • Gold
  • Stock Market


$220 trillion


$70 trillion


$8 trillion


$60 trillion


Miners and holders of large amounts of cryptocurrency

  • Opportunity to exit volatility by investing in digital securities backed by tangible real estate with strong downside protection of capital
  • Earn recurring income from real estate assets and services of Thaler.One marketplace
  • Diversify crypto portfolios

Fiat investors willing to enter the crypto market

  • Enter the crypto world with a liquid, unvolatile and easily convertible asset
  • Benefit from multiple opportunities offered through the Thaler.One platform to earn from real estate and services of the marketplace
  • Hold unregulated financial instruments ideal for savings, hedge against inflation and future means of payment

Individual investors around the Globe

  • Remove high entry barriers of direct real estate investing
  • Allow easy access to global real estate for anyone with minimal investment budget
  • Choose individualized investment risk-return strategy and receive stable income and capital appreciation
  • Opportunities to invest for people with limited access to financial products

What makes Thaler.One different

What makes Thaler.One different

from the majority of real estate related blockchain platforms

  • Combination of RE fund and a marketplace
  • Proven RE investment strategies
  • Complete investor protection through institutional grade legal structuring
  • Full compliance with financial regulations
  • Higher expected returns
  • Professional team with hands on RE experience
Thaler.One Crowdfunding Real Estate Funds
Investment expertise
Low Fees
Global Exposure
Minimal Entry Ticket

Media About Us

Q&A Thaler.One

Will Thaler.One digital shares be considered securities?

Thaler Fund unit assumes regular profit payouts and therefore will be recognized as a security. Our legal structure fully accommodates for Thaler digital assets being securities. This is the main difference of Thaler.One from other projects related to Real estate

What is the difference of Thaler.One from other projects?

The main difference of Thaler.One is the management team’s experience and professionalism in the Real estate industry. As a result, we considered all tiny details to introduce a truly unique blockchain project. Thaler.One will charge small commissions and the management team’s main motivation is tied to the success of the Project, rather than the success of fundraising. Proceeds from the Fund will be directed to acquire Real estate and not “build” the infrastructure, which will be almost completed by that time.

What are the advantages of investing in Real estate when compared with gold and stock market?

The main advantage is the accrual of regular income coming from rentals. As a result, Real estate is much less volatile than gold and stocks, and with that, in the long-run, has shown similar levels of returns. In addition, in the event of unfavorable macroeconomic environment, Real estate historically has not substantially deteriorated in value, as it represents a tangible physical asset with recurring income.

Do you plan to have additional fundraising rounds? May there be a consequent negative effect on the price of Thaler digital assets in the future?

The more Real estate we purchase, the more there will be an opportunity to issue Thaler.Block units, resulting in a higher profitability for Thaler Fund unit holders. Hence, additional issuances of digital assets will only increase the price of Thaler Units.

Will Thaler.One unit holders have special rights over Real estate?

Thaler.One Fund units give rights to receive distributed income and vote on issues related to Real estate asset management, which are submitted for voting by the management company.

How much money will be directed to purchase Real estate and to Platform operations?

The majority of funds (85%) at a level of raising equivalent to US$50 million will be directed on property acquisition. During future issuances, funds used for Real estate acquisition will be brought to 95-97%.

What are your specific plans that would enable price appreciation of Thaler.One units and what are the long-term perspectives of its further growth?

Sources of revenues for Thaler.One holders include current income from Real estate property, profits received from resale of assets into Thaler.Block units and commissions from securitization of assets for third-party owners. After securitization Real Estate properties into Thaler.Block units are resold at higher values and also the platform charges origination fees for securitization of external Real estate assets. Depending on the level of funds raised on securitization, we forecast Thaler price increase to be 25-40% per annum for the next 10 years.

Why do you need 2 types of digital assets?

Thaler Fund units give rights to receive income from property portfolio and income from securitization of assets into Thaler.Block units. Thaler.Block units give rights to receive income from specific individual Real estate assets

How much money do you plan to raise and are there limits to further issuances?

As a first step we plan to raise US$50 million through presale. As a second step we will be raising up to US$100 mln during crowdsale. There are no limitations as to further issuances of digital units as all new funds will be directed to buy more assets, which increases returns for investors.

How do you differ in terms of legal structure elaboration?

The majority of Real estate-related projects do not pay enough attention to legal aspects, therefore ignoring one of the industry’s main risks. Thaler.One thoughtfully developed a jurisdiction of every company in its holding structure, tax structure, back and forth conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat with minimal transaction costs, dividend pay-outs for both types of digital assets and also eliminated the risks of digital assets being recognized as securities

List of countries and jurisdictions, residents of which may participate in the fundraising.

Supposedly accredited investors in the USA and the rest of the world. The marketing of units will not be held in China and South Korea.

Will you be registering with SEC?

Registration will be made with SEC. We will file the necessary emission documents in compliance with the Rule 503-506 regulation D.

What is your position on AML and KYC

Full compliance with AML/KYC

How to ensure safeguarding of investor funds?

To ensure meeting the EU law requirements, Thaler.One will be managed and operated in accordance with the AIFM Directive and with presence of independent Trustees and escrow agents, limiting discretionary rights of the project founders and thus improving the level of rights protection of Thaler Fund units investors.

What is your investment strategy?

Our investment strategy is described in detail in the White Paper. It assumes investing in assets of various risk-return profiles and includes investing in stabilized commercial properties, assets whose values may be enhanced through improving their quality, development and redevelopment projects and providing mezzanine financing. In terms of geography, we will focus on Europe, EU countries and in the future will look at selected opportunities in the USA

How effectively can you invest fundraising proceeds? Do you have enough projects in your pipeline?

Pipeline is now being formed and will be published before Presale. Deals take time and on average last 2-4 months. All proceeds will be invested within 6-12 months after Presale.

What will Thaler.One do if the exchange rate of Ethereum or Bitcoin changes significantly between the time of fundraising and Real estate assets acquisitions?

After fundraising 50% of proceeds will be converted to fiat. The rest of the proceeds will be kept in cryptocurrencies. After the first 50% of proceeds are spent in assets’ acquisitions, the rest of funds will be converted to fiat. The proceeds from all future fundraising rounds will be applied in the same manner.

In consideration of the level of return, which you forecast for Thaler.One and the price increase of Bitcoin in the past, would it not be better to keep the funds in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has experienced a strong growth and today there is a high potential for both further its price increase or decrease. We recommend investors to diversify their risks with predictable and easy to forecast growth model with limited downside risk as digital assets are secured by tangible assets.

Who will manage Real estate?

Property management including tenant relations and facility management will be performed by our local partners – professional management companies. Thaler.One team will provide operational and finance control, as well as get involved in sale of assets.

How will you select assets?

Our White Paper describes the criteria for selecting Real estate. It includes among others: geographical location (predominantly European Union), type of assets (4 main strategies), thorough due diligence, quality of rental streams (reputation of tenants, terms of leases, rental rates), size of deals (below US$20 million of equity per asset), and use of leverage (not more than 60%). Sourcing of assets will be done through the relationships network of Thaler.One team with property owners and local partners such as brokerage, legal and asset management companies.

Who makes decisions to sell Real estate?

In traditional Real estate funds a decision to buy or sell assets is a discretion of the management company acting in line with the investment declaration. At Thaler.One, there will be opportunities to organize voting among Thaler.One Unit holders on buying or selling of assets.




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